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Last completed project

RC “NA PROREZNOY” - the last of the projects implemented by Comfort Life. Working on its creation, we sought to implement a special format of real estate, which will combine an environmentally friendly environment and comfortable infrastructure in a single European quarter. Today, a bright, comfortable and convenient complex is completely ready for life. The result not only exceeded bold expectations, but also became a stepping stone for new ideas and architectural achievements.

Взявши за основу кращі особливості ЖК «На Прорізній», компанія Comfort Life приступає до реалізації нового проекту - ЖК «Riverside». Майбутній комплекс буде ще більш цікавим, багатогранним і функціональним, дозволяючи по-новому поглянути на комфортне життя в екологічному передмісті. ЖК «Ріверсайд» приверне самодостатністю, близькістю до столиці і продуманими зонами відпочинку для дітей і дорослих. Він підкорить власним пляжем, турботою про здоров`я жителів і затишною респектабельністю каскадної архітектури.

We invite you to plunge into the comfortable present RC “NA PROREZNOY” to start dreaming about the resort future in the RC “Riverside”!

RC “NA PROREZNOY” is the right investment

Proneznaya is a complex from reliable developer Comfort Life, which has been implementing its projects since 2010. In our account, 46 modern prefabricated houses and 38 more homes are under construction. Our achievements are not only marked by the All-Ukrainian awards in the field of architecture, improvement and concept of complexes, but also confirmed by the grateful feedback of our residents.

RC “NA PROREZNOY”, we sought to surpass ourselves, and we succeeded!

Quarter of your needs

To live far from the city bustle, having all the modern benefits - is it possible? Everything is possible in RC “NA PROREZNOY”! Our complex is 15 minutes drive from Kiev and 5 minutes from the big suburbs. It includes shops, a kindergarten, cafes, sports complexes and other infrastructure that is characteristic of developed urban areas. It's our own world at the crossroads of civilizations!

Smart access concept: convenience at every step

Entrance groups of our homes are designed according to the concept of Smart-access, which provides ease of movement for every resident of the complex. There are no stairs and ramps here - entrance inside and outside is flush, which is especially important for wheelchair moms and people with disabilities. We took care of everyone, and arranged the same principle of elevators of buildings: you can enter them directly from the lobby!

Spacious layout for the best designs

RC “NA PROREZNOY”, everyone will be able to find the optimal space for themselves. Regardless of the size, you will definitely appreciate the large kitchens, dressing room, bright rooms and wide windows with beautiful views. Each apartment complex is an excellent base for an original, comfortable interior

Reliable construction technology

Buildings at the “NA PROREZNOY” complex are built using monolithic frame technology, which means you can be sure of their durability: the service life of such buildings can be up to 150 years! Thick walls, minimal joints and filling of the ceramic block guarantee increased heat and noise insulation.

Quality insulation is a concern for your well-being

100 mm thick cotton wool insulation is a warmth, security and comfortable atmosphere in your home. Not only will you save on heating, but you can always enjoy the aesthetics of the architecture: no additional external work is needed by anyone.

Ready-to-live complex

All communications in RC “NA PROREZNOY” are connected, and therefore you can safely go to repair! The advantages of the complex - individual gas heating, which will allow you to independently manage the microclimate indoors.

Cleaning apartments: paint your world without limits!

So that you can implement your design ideas faster, we have done all the rough work for you. The apartments have already painted walls, there is a laser floor screed, the ceilings are prepared. Start creating from a blank sheet in your favorite RC “NA PROREZNOY”!

KVE windows: German view on quality

Quality windows from a reliable manufacturer guarantee durability and high energy efficiency. Bonus from RC “NA PROREZNOY” - stunning panoramic views for your mood!

Schindler Swiss Elevators - Maximum reliability and safety

The “NA PROREZNOY” residential buildings are equipped with smooth and quiet Schindler elevators manufactured by Switzerland. Intelligent, safe and stylish, they can withstand very heavy loads and do not let you down even after years.

Live comfortably, rest with your soul!

The whole territory of the complex is united by a common landscape design, which includes different recreation areas. Enjoy the walk on the shady paths, meet your friends at the central fountain, gather for a smoky barbecue on the weekend - we did our best to have everyone's favorite place in the RC “NA PROREZNOY” Street!

General plan of the RC “NA PROREZNOY”

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